Image of a baluster in the process of being custom planed for fit by Handy Al


If Al were to compile a ‘short list’ of his most requested ‘hire a handyman’ services, leaving out any untold number of odder than usual oddball tasks, the following would be it.  However, of course we love to help you out with any other requests not found on the list – creative solutions to novel challenges is one of our favourite staples!

I’ll tell you what I haven’t been called on to do this year so far … help dig anyone out from under two feet of snow.

Anyway, on to …

The Short List of Services:

  • Installation of new kitchen/bathroom fixtures, accessories & appliances

  • Kitchen Remodels

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • New IKEA cabinet assembly & installation

  • Tiling – Floors, Walls & Backsplashes

  • Flooring – hardwood, laminates, tile, vinyl, etc.

  • Radiant Floor Heat Installation

  • Childproofing your home

  • Drywall installation & repair

  • Plaster repair

  • Painting

  • Real Estate – Home sale preparation

  • Real Estate – Moving in checklists

  • Real Estate – Assisting property managers / realtors with general repairs

  • Real Estate – Between tenant property preparation

  • Flat pack furniture assembly & installation (IKEA etc)

  • Updating fixtures / lights / faucets / switches etc.

  • Window & screen replacement

  • Decks, porches, railings, sheds & fences

  • Room makeovers

  • Shelving installation

  • Closet organization system installation

  • Blinds, curtains & holdback installation

  • Plumbing repair – toilets, taps & drains

  • Plumbing installation – new toilets, taps, sinks etc.

  • General interior / exterior upgrades & repairs

  • General renovation services

  • Installation of new trims & mouldings

  • Fine carpentry / Framing Carpentry

  • Doors & Windows – Interior / Exterior / Knobs / Handles/ Locks / Deadbolts

  • Making Double Dutch Doors or other custom requests

  • Pressure washing services

  • Network / phone / coaxial installations

  • Recaulking tubs / sinks / counters / etc.

  • Interior decor – Hanging pictures / mirrors / wall mounted artworks etc.

  • Gardening services

  • Junk removal

  • Various & Sundry oddball tasks that just have to get done one way or another

If there’s something you need done that doesn’t appear on the list above, chances are it’s on the long list.  That long list contains all kinds of crazy stuff.

Fine, but can you help me with <insert unusual request here>?

Ummm … Maybe!

If you’re wondering whether I can help you with your project but aren’t sure if it falls within my gambit or within the gambit of some other unknown entity, please inquire.  If I can help you out I’ll let you know and we can discuss it further.  If it would best be dealt with by the other as yet unknown entity, I’ll try to help point you in the right direction.  Either way, please contact me to discuss.

While many of the tasks routinely undertaken in the home improvement setting are relatively straightforward, often there are particular challenges that must be recognized and addressed in order to achieve the best possible result.  My quiver is pretty full of creative solutions to help get you to that best possible result. Whatever challenges you’re facing with your project, I’m always happy to review them with you and to help to find the best possible solution – straightforward or a little oddball.